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Used to locate, record, analyse and report on electrical discharge activity

UViRCO was established in 2008 to market & manufacture the CoroCAM brand of corona cameras. The CoroCAM range of corona cameras have been produced by the CSIR since 1992.

A corona camera is used along the entire electrical power supply chain to visualise the UV emitted by external partial discharges (i.e. Corona, Sparking and Arcing) which is indicative of degraded hardware or installation / design faults.

  • Generator coil insulation inspection.
  • Transmission line hardware inspection.
  • Distribution line hardware inspection.
  • Substation hardware inspection.

UViRCO manufactures these products:

UViRCO Corona Camera

Using the UViRCO CoroCAM to perform condition monitoring of high voltage electrical power infrastructure hardware gives utilities the ability to non-destructively deteremine where preventative maintenance should be performed to avoid outages / equipment failure due to external partial electrical discharges. Flashovers and hardware degradation is of particular concern.

UViRCO has solar blind and non solar blind CoroCAM's. Some solar blind models have thermal imaging modules allowing for multi-spectral imaging, correlating the thermal image with the UV image of the corona allows operators to determine the type of discharge activity.