UViRCO manufactures a variety of solar blind and non solar blind hand-held UV camera systems to meet market requirements. The users are quite often also required to do thermal inspections of installations at the same time as corona inspection.


To reduce the workload, time and personnel required we’ve integrated a FLIR thermal module into a CoroCAM. The core units used in the hand-held systems can be used in custom systems available from our system integrators.

Multi-Spectral Solar blind cameras feature a UV channel which is blind to the light (UV/VIS & IR) from the sun which reaches below the atmosphere, it also has a thermal camera integrated. The UV channel features filters to block light above 280nm. Most of the light signature for electrical discharges are in the UVa & UVb bands. Less than 5% of the signal is in the UVc band. The Visible channel leads to a high quality colour video camera. The IR channel leads to a full radiometric IR camera.

The Multi-Spectral Solar blind CoroCAM design has 3 optical channels:

Available Models

Discontinued Models: