CoroCAM 1 | This product has been discontinued

The first corona camera

The CoroCAM I is a highly portable entry level product in the CoroCAM range and is ideal for quick and simple use in detecting Corona & UV discharges on high voltage equipment, particularly in substations, at night time. It is also well suited to indoor use on high voltage panels, junction boxes, generating equipment, etc.

CoroCAM provides a video image of the area under investigation including corona spots that are not visible to the naked eye. The video image can be recorded onto an external recorder. This information is sufficient to determine the exact position of the corona, and thus the cause of the corona. Because the image is an actual image, you can determine the characteristics and thus the type of corona.

CoroCAM compliments infrared imaging to provide a comprehensive inspection package for high voltage equipment. Defects are easily detected and can be focused on from as close as 0.5m. CoroCAM I has selectable filters that provide an easy way to distinguish corona from reflections, and will provide better viewing during lighter conditions.

Using the CoroCAM I, RIV sources, Arcing and concern areas of high-stress can be monitored for potential flash-overs or failures.


Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.