CoroCAM 3 | This product has been discontinued

Low light UV camera

CoroCAM III is the more sensitive low light camera in the CoroCAM range. It can be used in early morning and late afternoon conditions when the sun is not visible, in addition to night time and indoor use. It has a much better optical lens and filter system giving much improved image resolution and sensitivity than the CoroCAM I.

The CoroCAM III is a portable unit, used as a field instrument, but also ideal for Corona Research and Evaluation of high voltage equipment like Transformers, Motors & Generators, Insulators, Bushings, Conductors, etc.

CoroCAM III provides a video image of the area under investigation including corona activity that is not visible to the naked eye. The video image can be recorded onto an external recorder. The image information allows to determine the exact position of the corona and thus the cause of the corona .

Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.