CoroCAM 4 / 4+ | This product has been discontinued

The first solar blind CoroCAM

The CoroCAM 4+ was released in 2000 and discontinued in 2005, when it was replaced by the CoroCAM 504.

World firsts associated with the CoroCAM 4+:

  • User selectable colours for the UV overlay
  • It can operate in daylight or at night (with the help of artificial light).
  • It produces a video image of the corona superimposed on the test object. This allows the user to determine the exact location of the corona.
  • It is portable, i.e. it fits into a carry-case and is powered by a clip-on rechargeable battery lasting approx 4 hours/charge.
  • It is a pick up and go device requiring little or no assembly on removal from its carry-case.
  • Its output can be connected to a suitable portable video recorder that allows for the recording of results on site.
  • It has the option of a durable battery belt, with battery charger, instead of mounting the battery on the camera.

Solar Blind Yes
System FOV and Zoom
FOV (H x V) @ 1x Zoom 8.0° x 6.0°
Zoom type: Free
Camera Focus and Working Distance
Visible Focus Automatic or manual
UV Focus type Manual
Working Distance: (Minimum) 2m
Camera Sensitivity
UV Spectrum Detected 240-280nm
Max UV Sensitivity in Solar Blind mode 8.0×10-18watt/cm2
Camera Image Formation
Visible channelTV Lines 640
UV Events Counter Time span (seconds) 1 / 1/5th
Count display update rate (seconds) 1 / 1/5th
Integration Mode Yes
Averaging Mode Yes
Count Method Intensity
Image Modes VIS, UV, UV on VIS
Camera Display
Viewfinder Yes
Info displayed Interface Menu; Focus mode; Visible enhancements; Image Stabilisation On; NV On; Zoom level; Convolution Filter On; Gain, Attack & Decay settings; Blob count; Date & Time; Battery status
Camera Interface Menu system
Image Display and Enhancement
Overlay Mode / Image Fusion Solid
Overlay Accuracy Better than 1 milli-radian
Overlay Colours 6 & Invert Intensity
Camera Firmware Features
Remote Control Optional
Title editor Yes
Camera Output
High quality video output to screen or recorder: Yes
Camera Physical Specs
Size: 310x170x120mm (6324cc)
Weight incl. battery: 3.6Kg
Battery: Nickel Metalhydride from Anton Bauer
Operating time: 4hrs max
Operating & Storage temp range: -5°C to 50°C
Tri-pod mount Yes
Warranty (Months) 12 months


Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.