A variant of the CoroCAM 6D Corona Camera

Download the CoroCAM 6 DF brochure HERE

The CoroCAM 6DF is a variant of the CoroCAM 6D Corona Camera and has been optimised for fixed installations. CoroCAM’s are used to inspect HV & MV equipment for corona and arcing activity.


The CoroCAM 6D internals are mounted into a rigid aluminium body designed to be weather proof. The body parts have been anodised silver and white to minimise solar heating. The body has mounting points for easy attachment to brackets, pan and tilt systems or attachment of an optional weather-shields. Custom weather-shields and brackets available on request.

Remote Control and video streaming

The video stream and camera control commands are communicated via an Ethernet connection to a stand-alone (if used in a vehicle) or Networked (if remote tower mounted) PC. The video stream can be viewed and recorded on the PC, using the CoroBASE Remote Control Module. Alternatively customers can integrate the control protocols into their own control software.

Quick Startup

60 seconds after application of power the video stream starts and the camera will accept commands from the remote PC.


  • 12V DC
  • GPS Antenna
  • RS 485
  • RJ 45 (Ethernet)
  • BNC (Composite Video Output)


  • Pole mounted for critical equipment monitoring.
  • Pan & Tilt mounted for vehicle based inspection.
  • Installed on UAV for aerial survey.
  • Laboratory experiment monitoring.
  • QA Work station for Generator / Motor or electronic assembly.
  • Railway car installed for overhead line survey.
  • High sensitivity to UV signals from corona and arcing
  • Solar blindness
  • Excellent visible camera sensitivity
  • Video streaming
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Remote controlled

Ultraviolet Channel
Image type Monochrome video
Sensitivity (Light) 2.05×10¯18 Watt/cm2 Typical
(pC) 3 pC@ 20m (~ 0.75pC @ 10m) (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute – IEC 60270:2000)
(RIV) 13.16dBμV(RIV)@1MHZ @ 10m (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute – NEMA107-1987)
Spectrum UV 240 – 280 nm
Field of View 8° Horizontal x 6° Vertical ~10° Diagonal = 1x system zoom
Zoom Range (optical) 1x System Zoom (SZ)
Zoom Range (digital) 16° (0.5x SZ) to 4° (2x SZ)
Focus type Slaved to Visible with manual override
Visible Channel
Image Type Colour video
Sensitivity (typical Max)(Lux) 0.0004 (F1.8, 50 IRE) @ 4fps & ICR on.
Sensitivity (typical)(Lux) 0.25 (F1.8, 50 IRE) @ 60fps.
Exposure Auto or Manual Backlight compensation
Field of View Synchronised with UV channel
Focus Type Automatic with manual override
Focus Range
Zoom Range (optical) 16° (0.5x SZ) to 4° (2x SZ)
Zoom Range (digital) 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x from SZ
Control Interfaces
Control Inputs Via Ethernet / RS485
Status Indicator LED On/Off
GPS 3 pC@ 20m (~ 0.75pC @ 10m)
RIV External module on bracket
Data Display
Display External Monitor or PC
Display Brightness UV on Visible /Visible only / UV only
On Screen Display UV count
Camera Settings
Gain (0-100%), Threshold
Focus (UV & Visible)
Corona Overlay Colour
Integration / Averaging
Control Menu System
UV / Visible Overlay Accuracy
Data I/O
Video Output PAL (768×576) or NTSC (640×480), user selectable
Output Screen User Interface or Report View
Data Storage
Storage Media On PC
Image Format JPEG
Video Format AVI (H.264 compression)
Storage Capacity Depends on PC capacity, 1GB/hour
Software Update Via files downloaded from website to SD card.
Power System
Power Consumption 9 watt
External Supply 9-16V 12VA
Mains Adaptor 110-240Vac 50-60Hz / 12Vdc 3A
Protection Reverse polarity, over current, Under voltage
Physical Dimensions
Size (Excl GPS bracket):
X 165mm
Y 92.6mm
Z 257.9mm
Center of Mass (from top front corner):
X 83.7mm
Y 38.7mm
Z 130.6mm
Weight 2.1 kg, excl sun shield
Window aperture Ø= 62 mm
Mounting Points ¼” Thread tripod mount
Mounting holes on sides
Operating Temp -15°C to 55°C
Storage Temp -25°C to 60°C
Humidity Up to 90%, non condensating
IP rating Tested to IP 65
Physical Protection Aluminium body panels
Safety standard CE,IEC1010-1

Standard System

  • CoroCAM 6DF daylight UV imager
  • SD card
  • CoroBASE software with remote control module
  • Power transformer & mains cable (for testing)
  • Ethernet cable (2m, for testing
  • External GPS antenna
  • Sticker set
  • Operating manual

Optional Accessories

  • Sun shield and tilt bracket


Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.