CoroCAM 6N

Economical non-solar blind corona camera

The CoroCAM 6N is a non-solar blind variant of the CoroCAM 6D.
Industry Quality Assurance and HV Researchers have need of a camera that can show them the detailed shape of the discharge plumes – the CoroCAM 6N can do this as it operates in the 300 to 400nm range

      • A lightweight, robust body.
      • A large, variable brightness, variable angle colour LCD display (640×480 pixels) optimised for use in full daylight makes for easy inspection.
      • Easy operation of the camera via a multifunction keypad, with hot keys to specific functions.
      • Remote control from PC or Android device (compatibility check required) via USB cable.
      • User adjustable image fusion between the UV and visible image. Alternately the UV and Visible images can be viewed individually.
      • Adjust the camera Gain and Focus to optomise the UV image
      • Onboard still image and video recording in high quality formats.
      • Easily exchangeable Li-ion batteries with a power save mode to extend operating time. Additional batteries are readily available and lightweight.


All these features have been integrated into a lightweight, robust system for visualizing UV discharges from Corona and Arcing.