Combined IR and Corona imaging camera for use on UAV

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The CoroCAM 8 UAV is a combined thermal IR, solar blind corona and video camera, sized and balanced to fit into a standard commercial gimbal and to be lofted by an Enterprise grade UAV.

The UAV also allows for inspection from various directions of hard to reach overhead hardware. Having the camera closer to the hardware under inspection allows the visible camera to capture more detailed images of the physical condition of the components. This is required in order to assign maintenance priority using the EPRI guideline.

The combination of these 3 cameras makes it possible to do both thermal IR and UV inspections at the same time, saving time and effort. Co-location of electrical discharges and hot spots give the inspector more insight into the cause of a fault.

Installation onto the UAV or a tri-pod is quick and easy. The CoroCAM 8 UAV can be remote controlled from a standard radio controller using PWM or from a laptop running CoroBASE using an Ethernet data link. Recordings can be done on the CoroCAM 8 UAV or at a combination HDMI display/recorder ground station.

Unique Features

Combined UV/VIS & IR imaging | Radiometric IR | Fast installation & start up | High resolution video recording | Translucent UV overlay | Onboard GPS with booster antenna port | I/O connectors (HDMI, Ethernet, USB, RS232/485) | Simple & powerful user interface | Onboard and external power options | Designed for UAV use | Remote control options

  • A high sensitivity UV detector, which can detect UVc light at 2.05×10-18 W/cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges
  • A 9Hz FLIR Radiometric IR camera module with high sensitivity
  • Control of a limited number of camera functions from a standard RC controller
  • Remote control of all camera functions from Laptop via a wireless Ethernet link
  • Syncronised Smooth or Stepped Zoom of all 3 camera channels. IR & UV channels are zoomed digitally, visible is zoomed optically to minimum FOV, then digitally enlarged
  • Manual or Auto focus for Visible and IR channels, UV channel has manual focus or can be synchronized with either Visible or IR channel
  • Onboard still image, video and radiometric data recording in high quality formats
  • Fast set up & boot up avoids the need for power saving modes
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) shows all the relevant information
  • Easy operation of the camera via a multi-function keypad
  • Manual or Auto Exposure of Visible and IR (Level) cameras, UV (Gain) is manually set
  • Integrated GPS with internal and complimentary external booster antenna
  • Meta data recording of camera settings and measurement plus environmental variables manually entered – distance, air temperature, air pressure, ambient humidity and wind speed
  • Resizable UV Intensity sampling box
  • UV overlay colors has 6 pre-sets or 255 selectable hue levels
  • UV overlay translucency control
  • UV threshold, Integration & Noise Reduction control
  • 14 IR color palettes with contrasting Isotherms
  • Auto or Manual IR Span
  • Integrated LED Flashlight and optional Laser pointer
  • Camera software update via download to SD card
  • USB port for media download and Ethernet port for remote control
  • A 15 Month warranty

Zoom Visible Camera Zoom: 28x optical, 12x digital | UV Camera Zoom: 1x optical, 8x digital | LWIR Camera Optical Zoom: 1x optical, 8x digital
Fields of View Optical Wide Zoom: 16° | Optical Tele Zoom: 2° | UV & IR Channel Zoom: Digital to match visible FOV – up to 4x zoom | FOV with UV Overlay: All Optical FOVs | Digital Enlargement / Zoom 12x from minimum optical FOV | Focus: Automatic or manual on visible & IR channels, UV slaved to visible/IR or independent manually | Minimum Focus Distance: UV 0.7 m, VIS 0.7 m, IR 2.3m
Sensitivity (Typical) Ultraviolet: (Solar Blind Mode) 2.05 x 10-18 Watt/cm2 | (Non Solar Blind mode) ~1 x 10-18 Watt/cm2
Infrared (NEdT): Visible: 0.4 lx (F1.35, 50 % IRE, ICR off), normal 0.01 lx (F1.35, 50 % IRE, ICR on), auto low light
Resolution Ultraviolet: 640 x 480 pixels | Infrared: 640 x 512 pixels | Visible: 768 x 576 pixels
Image Acquisition Ultraviolet: Averaging & Integration | Infrared: Auto flat field correction (0.5s) Auto level and span | Visible: Auto low light, manual exposure
Display Specifications Channel Fusion: Threshold Mask, Variable Translucency | Fusion Accuracy: Better than 1 milliradian | IR & UV palettes: Standard IR + UV Rainbow
Interface Key pad: Multi-function buttons | Menu: Icon Based Menu System | Remote Control: Via Ethernet
Camera I/O USB: Auto connect USB 2.0 | Ethernet: Video streaming & remote control | Composite Video: PAL & NTSC formats
Image & Data Storage Image Format: Displayed channels saved as JPEG or AVI (H.264 compression) | UCF Radiometric file contains: Displayed image, raw UV image, Radiometric LWIR values and Meta-data | Meta-data contains: Camera settings, GPS location, range to object | Storage Media: SD Card (up to 64GB)
Firmware Features Image Series Numbering: Allows for auto sorting of images at download to PC for reporting | Gallery & Playback: Review recorded media | Field Upgradable: Download latest firmware | Quick Startup: Power on to record capable in 60 s
Power Battery: Sony Li-ion | Operating Time: 4hrs maximum*
Physical Specifications Weight: 1.6 Kg | Dimensions: 188 mm L x 156 mm W x 129 mm H | Operating Temp: -15 °C to 55 °C | Storage Temp: -20 °C to 60 °C
Protection Storage / Transport Case: Pelican style plastic hard case | Camera Body: Tested to IP 54 | Physical Protection: Impact absorbing covers
Safety Standard: CE,IEC1010-1

Standard System

  • CoroCAM 8 UAV
  • Li-ION battery (x2), Charger
  • 8 GB SD card
  • Operating manual
  • Protective hard carry case
  • Basic analysis & reporting software

Optional Accessories

  • Accessory pack I – Advanced inspection guide, featuring the EPRI field guide

Watch this space – coming soon!

Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.