UViRCO manufactures a variety of solar blind and non solar blind handheld UV camera systems to meet market requirements. The core units used in the handheld systems can be used in custom systems available from our system integrators.


Solar blind camera system allow you to work in daylight, for indoor and night time use, non solar blind cameras will be useable. The non-solar blind CoroCAM design typically only has 1 optical channel:

The channel leads to a detector sensitive to UVa & UVb.
The bulk of the light emitted by a corona / electrical discharge event is in the UVa and UVb range.

The non-solar blind CoroCAMs are differentiated by the quality of their detectors and the size of the light collection lens.

  • The CoroCAM I is an entry level product and priced accordingly.
  • The CoroCAM III is a research grade product with sensitivity roughly equal to that of the solar-blind cameras while using a lower technology detector.

Available Models

Discontinued Models