MultiCAM | This product has been discontinued

Combined UV/VIS/IR for high voltage equipment inspection

Download the MultiCAM brochure HERE

The MultiCAM (released in 2005) combines a corona / visible camera with an IR thermal camera. It is based on the CoroCAM 504 platform with enhancements for IR thermography.

The MultiCAM is the first high voltage inspection camera which allows for:

  • UV overlay onto IR images.
  • Free zooming of the VIS channel while retaining the UV overlay.
  • Camcorder style camera
  • Viewfinder for high brightness environments
  • Auto or manual focus of visible channel
  • UV channel can be synchronised with visible focus or manually focused
  • UV events counter – not radiometric
  • UV blob convolution filtering for noise reduction
  • UV blob color selection & 50% translucency option
  • UV blob overlay onto Visible or IR for 0.5x, 1x and 2x zoom levels
  • Stepped zoom is fast
  • UV overlay shows the precise location of the discharge
  • Image capturing, audio clip recording and playback of both
  • Video output for external recording or viewing
  • Cabled remote control
  • Built-in GPS and Laser Pointer (Optional)

Solar Blind Yes
System FOV and Zoom
FOV (H x V) @ 1x Zoom 8.0° x 6.0°
FOV (H) available @ System zoom with UV overlay 16° @ 0.5x
8° @ 1x
4° @ 2x
Camera Focus and Working Distance
Visible Focus Automatic or manual
IR Focus Automatic or manual
UV Focus type Synchronised with visible or manual
Working Distance: (Minimum) 2m
Camera Sensitivity
UV Spectrum Detected 240-280nm
Max UV Sensitivity in Solar Blind mode 8.0×10-18watt/cm2
Max UV Sensitivity in Night mode (NV) 1.0×10-18watt/cm2
IR Spectrum 8-12μm
IR Sensitivity 50mK
IR Range 0 – 160 deg C
Vis Sensitivity (ICR off) 1.0 lx (typical) (F1.6, 50 IRE)
Vis Sensitivity (ICR on) 0.1 lx (typical) (F1.6, 50 IRE)
Camera Image Formation
Effective pixels in Visible channel (h x v) 736 x 576
Effective pixels in IR channel (h x v) 320 x 240
UV Counter Window 1 size
UV Events Counter Time span (seconds) 0.02 to 2
UV Count display update rate (seconds) 4
Integration Mode Yes
Convolution Filter to remove noise Yes
UV Count method Blob
Image Modes VIS, UV, IR, UV on VIS, UV on IR
Camera Display
Viewfinder Yes, ~42” display viewed from 2m
Display resolution(h x v) 640×480
Info displayed Interface Menu; Focus mode; Visible enhancements; Image Stabilisation On; NV On; Zoom level; Convolution Filter On; Gain, Attack & Decay settings; Blob count; Date & Time; Battery status
Camera Interface Menu system
Image Display and Enhancement
Overlay Mode / Image Fusion Solid & 50% Translucent Grey
Overlay Accuracy Better than 1 milli-radian
Overlay Colours 15 + 50% Transparent Grey
IR Palettes 5
Output Screens Display
Image and Data Storage
Storage media CF card
Storage capacity 2GB
Info stored on onboard media JPG / Audio / Meta data with GPS
Image Recording Yes
Image Resolution(h x v) 736 x 576
GPS Yes, Integrated (optional)
Audio recording Yes, WAV clip
Camera Firmware Features
Set up time (s) 60
Start up time (s) 24
Image Gallery Yes
Camera Software Field Upgradeable Yes
Remote Control Yes (Optional)
Title editor Yes
Camera Output
High quality video output to screen or recorder: Yes
Comm port RS485
Camera Physical Specs
Size: 275x155x165mm (7033cc)
Weight incl. battery: 2.6Kg
Battery: Li-ion, Sony Type L
Operating time: 1.5hrs max, 1hrs typical
Operating & Storage temp range: -15°C to 55°C
Tri-pod mount Yes
Laser pointer: Yes (Optional)
Warranty (Months) 12 months
IP Rating: Tested to IP55


Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.