CoroBASE® Software
CoroBASE® Image Database & Analysis Software
CoroBASE® is an Image Database & Analysis package, which enables the user to do assessments and analysis on fault conditions and anomalies when using the CoroCAM® Cameras. This software package operates on the Windows Operating System and is a great tool for record keeping of images & recordings.
The software was primarily developed for use with the CoroCAM 8 range of products, due to the requirement of analysing the radiometric infrared (IR) data obtained from these products. The UCF file format is unique for the radiometric CoroCAM products, but, standard thermal Jpg files from other well-known brands can also be uploaded, stored and used in the reports. However, they cannot be analysed by CoroBASE®.
CoroBASE® can be used to import the recorded media into site folders. The media can be split into sub-folders and sub-sub-folders based on the recording date and Image Sort Number set during the recording. If this feature was not used, all the media will be imported into one sub-sub-folder for the given date.
In the entry view, the imported media can be viewed or re-played. The radiometric data can be viewed in a thermal analysis tool where point and area temperature can be taken and the inspectors’ observations, analysis and recommendations can be added to the entry. The media can be exported and the text copied out for inclusion in report documents.
CoroBASE® is included with all cameras provided by UViRCO Technologies. The video below provides a quick and basic overview of the CoroBASE® Image Database and Analysis package, to indicate its user-friendly interface and the convenient analysing capabilities.
Most companies have report templates in Microsoft Word or Excel, formatted to each company’s requirements. The text and imagery exported from CoroBASE® can be pasted into these documents.
Alternative to CoroBASE®
Reports can also be generated without installation of the CoroBASE®. The simplest way of reporting is to play the videos recorded in the user preferred video player, then pausing the video at the required frame and using a screen snapping program, like Windows 10’s, Snip and Sketch program.
VLC media player (open source & cross platform) can play videos and export snaps at the original resolution (not what was displayed on the screen).
If radiometric imagery generated by a CoroCAM 8 or CoroCAM 8 UAV are being evaluated by external software then the radiometric data needs to be extracted from the UCF file and imported into an analysis tool.

A script was written for FIJI (an open source image processing package based on ImageJ). After starting the script, the user selects to UCF from which the radiometric data has to be extracted and presses OK. After the image renders the user can then use any of the area or point measurement tools to select the pixels to be used in the temperature calculation. The LUT can also be adjusted to colorize the image based on temperature. The resulting image can be saved in a lower bit depth format for use in the report, the measurement data can also be copied out for inclusion in the report.
The measurements & still images generated in the above way can then be pasted into the report. The user can then add in their observations, analysis and recommendations to complete the report.


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